Hi, I'm a Finance Transformation Manager living in Poland.
But I prefer if you'd call me Ashwin.

My responsibility is that of a product manager leading a team of product owners.
Congrats! You've earned a coupon to roll your eyes twice.

Our team works with software developers.
Simple enough

We build solutions for supply chain optimization, business intelligence capabilities, statutory compliance needs and process automation.
Ah! See.. I lost you there again.


I sort lists of business needs to optimize IT developers's time and keep projects advancing at fast pace.
So proud that I didn't mention "Backlog". But, had to throw in "optimize" to sound savvy.

Business Process and IT Solution expertise is what lets me prioritize business requirements and simplify them enough so their IT solutions become feasible.
Negotiation and influence is par for the course and also why I have a job.

My days are exhilarating for the need to get up to speed quickly on a new business needs and articulate why calculated risks are called for to avoid stalling on progress.
Seriously though. Clear, Unambiguous choices are a rarity. Decision making under uncertainty is an art


In the context of my work, I stay up to date on a variety of topics about technology, business trends and decision science.
Of which, I tend to share a post each day on my linkedIn page

This has, over a decade, induced a general curiosity in me about how technology influences economy, culture and life itself.
This must not be taken to mean that tech or coding is my life's passion per se.

My bigger influences are classics like "Human Nature" by E.O. Wilson, "Thinking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman, "The Modern Firm" by John Roberts and any and all essays and poetry by Charles Simic.
About such, I intend to write long posts here


I love. I indulge in indolence. I have an opinion about humankind.
But, this page will suffice as context for my writing in continuoous