Conscience is bankrupt if it isn’t clean, a mind equally so if it isn’t dirty


A mind as blank as outer space. Nothing contemplated in it. Nothing that worries it; nothing that excites, seduces, moves or provokes it – as if it were divorced from emotions - Hedonist, Ascetic, all emotions.

Nobody that you want to impress, no place you want to visit, no food that you crave, no story that you want to hear, no gossip that excites you, no cause that enrages you, no book that you want to read, no gift that you yearn, no dance that you want to learn. Just a blank mind.

Did freedom confuse you? You aged? Misled by poetry? Maybe all of it? Maybe technology numbed your mind? Something terrible has happened.

You were an interesting person – you disgraced the art of music with terrible tunes, but you gave it your best. You sketched. They turned out OK. You made pictures – more importantly, you shared them with passion; with excitement. You shared them with friends.

You penned embarrassing poetry – you shared them with none. Good for you. Embarrassing as they were – they bookmarked a few months of your life. Invaluable. You weren’t especially good at anything – actually, quite flawed; yet you were interesting. Because you tried; Because you were ambitious; whiles, overly ambitious.

I don’t mean to reform you. One post won’t do that. But do me this favor. Comeback. Read me once a while – maybe, it’ll warn you ever so often. You sure need it.

Write. Write from heart, with courage. Then Share. with self. with friends. Friends are invaluable. Maybe it isn’t the mind that is blank; maybe you’ve gone deaf. May be there is cure. at least, that’s the hope.